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Stories of Great Teams: Part 2: “Muckers”

During a recent team intervention which we were facilitating, one of the participants was sharing his views on teams and individual contributors , his point of view being that history remembers only instances of individuals overcoming trying circumstances to achieve the impossible – we rarely to get hear stories about teams doing the same. We […]

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Six common mis-perceptions about teamwork

A good article from Richard Hackman on some common misperceptions about team work published in HBR Blogs. Excerpt below… “Teamwork and collaboration are critical to mission achievement in any organization that has to respond quickly to changing circumstances. My research in the U.S. intelligence community has not only affirmed that idea but also surfaced a […]

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Team Performance Questionnaire

Most of us are familiar with Bruce Tuckmans’s model of team development. This typically gets a passing mention as one of the theoretical frameworks used in most team building programs, but no efforts are made to see which stage of team development the team is currently in, and/or how do we guide the team through […]

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