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Stories of Great Teams – Part 3: The US Navy Blue Angels

One of the things I love about our work is getting to hear amazing stories from the different teams that we work with. The below post originated from one such story…We were facilitating a leadership team workshop recently, where one of the participants was expressing his skepticism about the success of teams being over attributed […]

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Six common mis-perceptions about teamwork

A good article from Richard Hackman on some common misperceptions about team work published in HBR Blogs. Excerpt below… “Teamwork and collaboration are critical to mission achievement in any organization that has to respond quickly to changing circumstances. My research in the U.S. intelligence community has not only affirmed that idea but also surfaced a […]

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5 Tips for managing “Virtual Teams”

Recent times have seen the development of virtual teams across many organizations, owing to massive geographic expansion plans and clustering of specific competencies. During workshops conducted across the country, I have had the opportunity of observing team members of different organizations spread out across vast geographies. They did not possibly fit the bill of the […]

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Extreme Leadership

“If you’re a leader, a fellow that other fellows look to, you’ve got to keep going.” Sir Earnest Shackleton Some say leaders are born. Others say they are molded. Throughout history, leaders have forged new paths for others to follow. In 1914, Sir Earnest Shackleton lead 27 men for almost two years to a harrowing […]

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