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10 Inspirational movies for teams

Are you looking for just the right movie to inspire your team? Movies are so much a part of our popular culture that we would be foolish to not be inspired of them to develop our teams. That feeling of energy, cheer, inspiration, or enthusiasm that a great movie can create is always amazing to […]

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Teambuilding without Time Wasting

Reposting a fantastic post that I came across in the Harvard blog posts about a no-nonsense approach to team building. The author – Marshall Goldsmith is recognized as one of the world’s leading executive educators and coaches. His 30 books include What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and MOJO Do you have any […]

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Teambuilding through Treasure Hunting!

What brings people in groups closer together to form a more cohesive team? A voice from above would perhaps say, “Well, this is going to take a long time!”. But the short and crisp answer we would say is : “Challenges”. And so, when we received a request from an MNC to conduct a Team […]

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Brainstorming Techniques : “BrainSteering”

Recently had the opportunity to go through the work by Shawn and Kevin Coyne, Brain Steering – A Better approach to Breakthrough ideas. Conventional brainstorming sessions in most organizations, end up being ineffective “tick in the box” affairs without yielding tangible results, mainly due to haphazard planning and poor facilitation. So what are some of […]

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