5 Best Luxury Hotels for Team Building

We conduct teambuilding workshops. In a year we do around 200 such workshops – spread out all over the country. This has given us first hand experience of which are the ideal properties to conduct such offsite programs for our clients. There are a few distinct criteria that make one hotel or resort, more “Team […]

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We are moving……..

Hi Guys, Thank you for following us on our blog MAGIC OF TEAMS. We are now moving this blog to within our company website. Please note the new address: http://www.focusadventure.in/magicofteams/ We have migrated all the existing content there. All new content will be updated only at the new blog – so we do hope you will […]

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10 Most Inspirational Team Songs

Nobody can deny how important songs are in our lives. Especially in India, singing – whether in our movies or in our Antaksharis or our bathrooms – is something very ingrained in most of us. Can songs also help motivate people? History is replete with the power songs have in motivating people in the toughest […]

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Stories of Great Teams – Part 3: The US Navy Blue Angels

One of the things I love about our work is getting to hear amazing stories from the different teams that we work with. The below post originated from one such story…We were facilitating a leadership team workshop recently, where one of the participants was expressing his skepticism about the success of teams being over attributed […]

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100 Inspiring Quotations on Team Work

Quotations inspire – they show the way – they are distilled wisdom. Here is a collection of 100 quotations on Team work (arranged in no particular order), all collected from different sources in the internet. Wherever the right person to whom the quote is attributed is known to me, I have mentioned the same. The […]

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CRISIS: A Recipe for Good Team work

In her remarkable book , A Paradise Built in Hell, author Rebecca Solnit describes how in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters — such as the one that unfolded in Fukushima, Japan — human beings tend to respond by banding together, not tearing apart. We have often witnessed the same truth being played out […]

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The below article has also been published by THE REDIFF GET AHEAD on November 22nd, 2012 http://www.rediff.com/getahead/slide-show/slide-show-1-careers-tips-to-improve-communication-skills/20121122.htm Just because you are talking does not mean you are communicating. Think about that sentence for a minute. It’s perhaps something to do with the way we are taught at our schools. We are taught to read, write, […]

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